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Emerald Acres Home Care Information

Emerald Acres wants you to have the best experience when bringing your puppy home! We have compiled some tips and tricks for caring for a Doodle puppy!

Grooming: Doodle coats require extra attention and care. Be sure to select a groomer who is experienced in caring for doodles! One major detail to check for is ear cleaning. They should routinely pull the hair from the ear and ear canal! You can also ask your vet about doing this. We recommend brushing the coat and cleaning the puppy’s ears often at home. Any pet supply store will have brushes and cleaning solutions to use. 


Potty Training: Potty training a pup can be a difficult task! There are a few things you can do to make this an easier process. Only offer water to your puppy during supervised times. After this water break and meal, bring the puppy out to potty immediately. It is also recommended to have the puppy in a kennel or cage when they are not with their owner. Unsupervised roaming will likely result in potty accidents! Provide outside breaks often throughout the day to ensure that the pup uses the restroom outside. Many people have had success with a potty training bell that is put at the door you want the puppy to use for outside breaks. One last major thing you can do is offer treats after your puppy successfully potties outside! This will incentivize the good behavior. 


Chewing: Puppies love to chew! Put away all objects that you would not want your puppy to chew on or eat. Provide them with plenty of appropriate chew toys. Discipline when they chew on something that is not appropriate and redirect to an appropriate chew toy. 

Feeding: For feeding amounts, please follow the manufacturers recommendations. If you are planning to use another brand of dog food, please transition the puppy slowly. To do this, you should mix your new food with the food that we provided to you. Each feeding you can add more of your brand and less of our food. This will help their stomach to adjust to and digest the new food. Your pup may temporarily experience some stool change during this process.


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