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A Bit of Background

Emerald Acres is a family owned business. Family is at the center of everything we do. When creating our name, we wanted to be sure that we picked something that embodied our values, spirit, and most importantly, our family. Of course, if you come to the farm, you can see and experience the beautiful “Emerald Acres” that we are located on. But, the emerald in our name is more than that: 

Over 2 years ago our brother announced to us that he was expecting a baby in October. If you know our family, you know we love babies! Our family prepared and prayed for this sweet boy that was going to bless our family. 

The pregnancy was hard, and they experienced many complications. Edison's due date of October 4 turned into a birthday of May 27. 

Our sweet Edison fought until the very end for his mom and dad. He was beautiful, sweet, and the perfect little boy. Our family gathered in the hospital that day to celebrate the short life of our sweet Edison. We grieved; we cried; and we bonded. 

We chose Emerald to represent the life and birthday of Edison James. We want Edison to remain in our family. We want to keep the memories of Edison with us. We want to continue to build our family with the memory of him. 

Emerald Acres is more than just our beautiful farm; it’s the memory of our beautiful Edison.

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Guiding Philosophy

How We Do Things

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Emerald Acres strives to provide healthy, loving puppies to families. All of our breeding dogs are family pets. They live in our home and are truly a part of the family. We seriously wouldn’t have it any other way. We are dedicated to loving our dogs first and building our breeding business second. We believe that the only way we can provide loving puppies is by incorporating them into our family throughout the whole process! We dedicate ourselves in ensuring that our puppies are socialized and well taken care of so that we provide only the highest quality puppies for families.

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2021 Best Breeder in Kentucky

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